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PHP-Fusion is an all in one integrated and scalable platform that will fit any purpose when it comes to website productions, whether you are creating Business sites, Community portals or Personal sites.
Founded as an open source project under the GNU AGPL v3, PHP-Fusion is licensed to be open and free to use.

Derivative codes must be shared unless we grant you a license to waive the AGPL agreement.
This is what we believe gives the best possible protection for both PHP-Fusion and all the Developers that creates Addons for PHP-Fusion.

Feel free to post any questions or report any problems in our forums over at PHP-Fusion Main.
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Some Key Features
PHP-Fusion Defender
Automatic form sanitation system for your fields with form token support.
PHP-Fusion Dynamics
Automatic form API & database handler system.
Dynamic User Fields
Arrange, connect to 3d party and categorize your Users Profiles with tabs.
Model > View Templating
MVT are enabled for most Core content and Core Infusions. All Themes are able to change individual Core components and Infusions layout with this system.
SEO Engine
Permalinks, SEO URLs & Normalize functions. A Modular system that allows you to change and add to the output of how you want your Permalinks.
Database Factory
Optimized OOP based Database handling that provides support for multiple database connection instances at once with either PDO or MySQL drivers enabled.
Atom Theme Engine
CSS Overrides for any v9 based Bootstrap Theme.
Notification email templating
Enabled for contact, forum notifications and PM emails.
Mobile & Pad friendly with native Bootstrap enabled in the system by default.
Country > State selector with 250 Countries and 6832 States.
Multilingual Core Capabilities
Instanced format with exclusion, inclusion options.
UTF-8 are standard for both for databases and charsets.
Portable & Multisite
You can have gathered landing pages with multisite functions.
A BBCode system that is modular and flexible.
A Smiley system that is modular and flexible.
The Core Includes
PHP-Fusion includes the most common features you would expect to see in a CMS.
Private Messaging
A complete message system between users.
Photo Gallery
A complete Photo gallery system for photo handling.
Custom Pages
A database driven content section for your convenience.
FAQ System
Fast and simple Frequently Asked Questions system.
Vote Polls
A neat little panel with your polls for the users.
Web Links
Web links directory for your collection.
A complete Forum system with tons of features.
Forum Polls
A Poll system for the Forums.
Forum Ranking
A Rank system for the Forums.
A complete Download system.
A simple system for content publishing.
Welcome Message
A panel with customized welcome messages.
A complete Blog system with Archive Panels.
A complete News system for News publishing.
Send messages on a front panel.
RSS Feeds Panel
A complete RSS feeds system for Blog, News, Forum, Downloads and Articles.
Latest Comments Panel
A listing of latest comments made to various content on site.
Online Users Panel
Displaying users online.

Features such as User, Administrators, User Groups managing and so forth are all available.
Some key features such as Private Messages and Custom Pages are automatically installed.
The rest of the above are only installed by your choice, we have however made it available with Core.
For more detailed Documentation please visit PHP-Fusion Main.

Requirements for this version
Software Version
PHP7.0 or higher
MySQL5.6 or higher
Apache2.4+ or higher
Nginx1.8+ or higher
mod_rewrite or equivalent for SEO
We recommend using the latest stable versions

You have to create a MySQL database. You can do this via your web-hosting control panel or phpMyAdmin. Make sure you have your MySQL access details at hand including the hostname, user name, password and database name as you will need to specify these during setup.

1. Upload the contents of the files folder to your web server.

2. Unless you run PHP-Fusion on a local server, in most cases you will need to CHMOD the following files and folders to 777:

Infusions shipped with the Core requires the following folders to be CHMODed to 777

Some hosts does not allow CHMOD 777, in that case you can use CHMOD 755 if CHMOD 777 fails.

3. Go to your website where install should start automatically. If not, you should run the installer manually by entering your full site url followed by /install.php Example:

4. Complete the setup process by following all on-screen prompts.

To install and work with a local copy of PHP-Fusion you can download a copy of Laragon or XAMPP for your given environment (Windows, Linux or Mac).

Before anything we strongly recommend that you backup your files and your database.
Replace all files, start install.php and complete the form.


Before anything we strongly recommend that you backup your files and your database.
PHP-Fusion 9 is a major update from your previous PHP-Fusion version.

Make sure that your hosting environment meets the requirements for this version:
- PHP 5.6.40 or higher
- MySQL 5.6 or higher

This upgrade procedure can be very demanding depending on how much content your have.
Please note that all User Fields will not be upgraded. A new set of standard fields will be installed.
The same goes for your Site links. A new set of default Site Links will be inserted.
Panels have six new positions and new settings. All existing Panels will be updated. Per default all Panels will be activated in all site areas.
If you have custom PHP codes in Panels or Custom Pages, you must enable PHP Code Execution. Admin > Settings > Security Settings > Allow PHP Execution.

PHP-Fusion 9.0 is in many parts compatible with version 7 and 8,
however be ready for issues and re-populate your site with older Addon content slowly.
There have been a massive amount of changes to all Core systems, meaning that some Addons Mods, Infusions, Panels and Themes may not work as intended.

The upgrade will be in two steps

You need to follow these instructions precisely.

Step 1

Step 2

Your site should now be fully upgraded and ready to run PHP-Fusion 9.

In order to further optimize your site you can enter the System Administration > Infusions and defuse the Infusions that are of no use to you.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask for help in our Support Forums.

If you have any questions or problems regarding PHP-Fusion, please visit the Main Development site at and post a message in the support forums.
We have a helpful community.
Addons: PHP-Fusion's features can be expanded by adding Infusions, these are plugins which are extremely easy to install. You can find a variety of useful Infusions in our Marketplace.

If you are not satisfied with PHP-Fusion's bundled themes or if you simply want a more unique look to your site you can find a large variety of high quality themes also in our Themes category.

PHP-Fusion 9 also have a number of official translations.
You will find these in Github Locales section.
You can find all our early translations at PHP-Fusion Main in the Downloads section.
If you find any security issues please mail these to
Additional Documentation
For more documentation please visit PHP-Fusion Main and click on the various sections from the menu that could suit your needs ( FaQ,Wiki,Forums ).
Project Manager - CEO
Joakim Falk {Falk}
Lead Developer - COO
Frederick MC Chan {Chan}

A special thank you goes in no particular order to,

RobiNN - Development Manager.
karrak - Solid Core Senior Developer.
Robert Gaudyn {Wooya} - Inspired Multilingual features, Initial Panels Admin handler design, RSS Panel, Panel positioning ideas, New user info panel base layout.
Ankur - Initial design SEO Engine.
Rizado - Locale, User Fields, Date/Time system, Translate system.
Rimelek - Database Factory, Improvements on Defender, Dynamics.
Tyler Hurlbut - Initial design for Fusion Dynamics, and jQuery output handler.
JoiNNN - Initial design Token framework, Improvements on Defender and Dynamics.
Craig - Initial design for Septenary Theme.
Marcus G - Initial design email template system.
SuNflOw - Multiple fixes provided.
Dennis Vorpahl {Webmeteor} - Multiple fixes provided.
dialektika - Multiple fixes provided.
Jugolo - Multiple fixes provided.
Dahlgren - Multiple fixes provided.
WuChEn - Multiple fixes provided.
Talocha - Multiple fixes provided.
Brendan Scarvell - XSS issues with live examples provided.
Routh - Help with upgrade script testing, Multiple fixes provided.
MiChAeLoKGB - BBCode Fixes provided.
Keddy - Multiple fixes provided.
helmuth - Beta testing and error reporting.
janmol {Jan.M} - Beta testing and error reporting. (RiP)
Kvido - Beta testing and error reporting.
Alex L - Beta testing and error reporting.
Wanabo - Multiple fixes provided.
ctokepa - Multiple spelling issues adjusted.
DosSpiele - RC testing and error reporting.
Homdax {Richard.A} - RC testing and error reporting.
MPolleke - Multiple fixes provided.
Ali, Ikram, Ramlan, Nik and Sham from SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab {} - reporting security issues
Songohan22 - reporting security issues
r0ck3t1973 - reporting security issues
thiennv-2147 - reporting security issues
SecGus - reporting security issues
A special thank you to all who have helped with locale translations.
It is very hard to list everyone that contributes to locales.
Some do full translations while others do some minor adjustments either by forums or directly by GitHub.
Remember to give your self credits in the global.php as the initial locale author.

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